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Saving Veterans is passionate about helping combat veterans. Our support programs are tailored to provide effective solutions to brain injury symptoms, depression, anxiety, and related post-war trauma conditions. And our service is focused on educating, engaging, and raising funds to support veterans regain their mental and emotional health.

We look to alleviate the suffering of veterans with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury by promoting access to clinical care and treatments without borders to veterans who need them, through the generous donations and support of individuals and organizations with a passion of touching lives and making a difference.

Treatment & Therapy

The rate of suicide and heavy alcohol use by veterans is increasing. According to research, one in five veterans suffers from PTSD, chronic depression, or anxiety stress. Hence, the need for proper PTSD treatment.

Saving Veterans treatment programs offer a comprehensive therapeutic approach to clinical care. The treatment is designed to suit the individual needs of each injured veteran, with interactive therapies, support programs, educational resources, social activities, and more for complete wellness.

The treatment services that we provide include:

  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy

A three weeks treatment for PTSD symptoms that involves infusing the veteran with a series of six low-dose of ketamine.

  • CAP-Ketamine Therapy

A four weeks treatment for PTSD that is resistant to antidepressants through additional, repeated high-doses of Ketamine.

  • Rapid Antidepressant Action

Treatment for depression to stimulate restoration of excitatory synaptic strength after severe stress caused by negative modulators.

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Research Programs

To ensure that only the best possible treatment service is given to veterans, we support research for the development of more effective and innovative treatments.

Our research program covers a review of academic journals related to PTSD treatments and TBI therapies and antidepressants. And we work with leading research institutes to ensure that all recommended treatment programs are evidence-based and of the highest standard.

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Outreach Campaigns

Saving Veterans is dedicated to reaching out to as many veterans struggling with TBI and PTSD as possible. Our outreach program also involves reaching out to potential sponsors with a passion for supporting our mission, as well as medical practitioners in search of better alternatives for PTSD and TBI treatments.

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Rehabilitation Counselling

Some veterans are so traumatized that their minds are locked in time during combat. They may have returned home but they are yet to adjust to life at home psychologically. And we understand that veterans with such experiences need help.

Veterans that have begun the journey of recovering from post-combat traumas also need occasional support even as they attempt to overcome the challenge of fitting into the society.

At Saving Veterans, we offer our assistance to help them live and enjoy the rest of their lives to the fullest, without any form of mental or emotional disabilities from a TBI or PTSD.

We rely on generous donations to help these veterans fully return home in body and in mind. Make a donation today.